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We have added some profile features to YouNews. Read about them here. We have built a new registration system to help us continue to provide more new features for you in the future, but we need you to log in to maintain your account. There are a few changes:

If you previously had multiple accounts registered under the same email, you will now have only one.To have profiles, we needed to enact this change.

If your account was less than 5 characters, you will need to make a new account. This is for security purposes.

If someone else has signed up with an identical username. All usernames are now unique.

Instructional Video for Uploading

Please watch the how-to video below for more information. For complete information on how to submit, please see our help section.

Interview tips:

YouNews is always on the lookout for quality citizen journalism. Please watch the how-to video below for a few tips on how to conduct a good interview.

Video Tips:

A good interview is only half of the equation for a great YouNews video -- Camera work counts, too! No matter what you are using to record your video, the tips in the video below will help you create compelling video.