Chicago Passes Gun Law

By WEEK Producer

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July 15, 2010

Chicago's new gun law went into effect Monday.

The city's new ordinance allows Chicagoans to have handguns in their homes for protection, but it imposes all sorts of restrictions and regulations.

The law calls for prospective gun owners to take a class as well as receive firearm training.

That's turned out to be great for businesses like the Fidelity Investigative Training Academy, the company claims.

It's currently set up to train future private security officers.

Now, they will be modifying their curriculum to address the specific needs of homeowners.

Those needs are "Heavy emphasis on firearm safety first and foremost, primarily gun safety, gun locks, trigger locks, to be sure that the firearms are kept away from children in the home, and then, of course, understanding the dynamics of dealing with firearms in residential areas," said Andre Queen from Fidelity Training Academy.

The academy says they've gotten a lot of calls expressing interest in their courses, not just from Chicagoans but from residents of Oak Park and Evanston as well, where similar bans exist.

The Chicago Police Department is still working on the details regarding training regulations and requirements, but they say one thing is definitely not changing.

"While it is now legal to possess a registered firearm in the home- and this is important- it is still illegal to possess a firearm on the streets of Chicago, which includes bringing it to the Chicago Police Department headquarters to register," said Jody Weis, Chicago Police Dept. Superintendent. "Do not bring your weapons to Chicago Police Department Headquarters to register them" emphasized Weis.

People with histories of violent crimes or DUI convictions will not be eligible for a permit.

The new law also says a resident may have only one loaded handgun in their home.

All other guns must be unloaded and locked away.