Tea Party Express Comes to Bloomington


Tea Party Express Comes to Bloomington

By WEEK Producer

A couple thousand people gathered at Miller Park in Bloomington for the arrival of the Tea Party Express National Bus Tour.

Congressional Candidate Adam Kinzinger says, "This event is kind of a culmination of a whole bunch of Tea Parties that have sprung up all over the country. And basically its people that are upset and they want something to do."

Tea Party Supporter David Fry says, "Supporters of the Tea Party Express movement say their goal is to speak out against what they believe to be excessive government spending, tax increases as well as healthcare reform."

An agenda to totally transform America into a socialist, government run it all society.

David Fry says he was surprised to find out the Tea Party Express scheduled a stop in Bloomington.
He says he's eagerly awaited his chance to show support for 13 reasons, 10 of which, he says, are his grandchildren.

Tea Party Supporter David Fry says, "I am deeply concerned for the future of those grand children when we have a government that already has put us so deeply in debt."

Congressional Candidate Adam Kinzinger says, "The republicans got kicked pretty hard in 2006 and 2008 for our spending and I think the message is there. We can't spend what we don't have."

The tour bus began its 33 city journey in Sacramento, California over a week ago.

Central Illinois was the 19th stop the group has made, the culmination of the trip is next week in Washington D.C.

Tea Party Supporter David Fry says, "I really believe that the hope for the world in terms of freedom of liberty is the US, and the course we're on isn't going to take us there."

6:19 PM Anonymous wrote ...

Modern conservatism? Is that an arm of ACORN? All talk no plan that makes any sense. I'm not a Democrat and I think Obama is a joke. He has diminished the presidency to the lowest possible denominator. During the previous administration the world was mad at us, now they are laughing their heart out. We are really on a roll.

Monday, Sep 7 at 10:02 PM Cameron wrote ...

Nice post anon! Seeing how 90% of the nation are considered middle class in our country I don't see any bottom up revelutions in our near future. However, I do see a revolt of hard working, taxing paying Americans revolting against Obama Marxism.

Monday, Sep 7 at 4:49 PM Anonymous wrote ...

Its nice for the rich to want a smaller government, we build there swim pools they can can't even help pay for our healthcare. If I was in the top 1% of rich people, I'd want to keep a big governemnt, thats all that will protect you from a revolultion

Monday, Sep 7 at 3:54 PM Jimmy wrote ...

When you appoint your cabinet and czars without one of them having ever owned a business or had to make a payroll, what do we expect ? We put a highly inexperienced man in the white house and he is proving that lack of experience behond a doubt !

Monday, Sep 7 at 3:36 PM jerry wrote ...

Thomas Jefferson A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. Right now Tom is turning over in his grave.

Monday, Sep 7 at 1:40 PM Typical wrote ...

I'm anything but an Obama supporter or a Democrat, but where were these supposed fiscal conservatives when Bush and the Republicans were spending us into the poorhouse and intruding deeply into our personal lives? I guess fiscal conservatism and small government are in vogue for Republicans only when the Democrats are in power. Modern conservatism is a complete joke to this libertarian.

Monday, Sep 7 at 11:37 AM Dana P. wrote ...

Anonymous, many of us didn't agree w/Bush, but HE didn't associate with "self avowed communists" Congress & the FEDS are out of control. "Vote the rascals out"!

Monday, Sep 7 at 7:03 AM joker wrote ...

There is always something we can do about our political state, It's called voting out the idiots, When they learn the American people are taking back their government they will start listening or face their own political demise

Monday, Sep 7 at 6:34 AM Bob wrote ...

All politicians are liars and crooks. And nothing you do will change that they tell you one thing to get into office and once there in office they will stab you in the back.

Monday, Sep 7 at 1:23 AM Anonymous wrote ...

I will keep this short because if your reading this you more than likely have your mind made up. I'm just in awe. Just a few years ago if you disagreed with Bush's spending you were a terrorist, but now it is okay to claim our President is a socialist? Just a quick final note: Here is a link to the world health organizations rankings of major nations' health care systems. http://www.photius.com/rankings/healthranks.html

Sunday, Sep 6 at 11:00 PM Ben F. wrote ...

These people are correct. Obama's "spread the wealth" and "shared responsibility" ideology represents the antithesis of the most important principle America was founded upon - individual liberty and freedom. Once that principle is abandoned or compromised America no longer exists.

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