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By Heather Lennie

RSS Feeds

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This web site provides free news feeds (also known as XML Feeds and RSS feeds) that you can add to your browser, web site, or feed reading software. Our feeds are updated several times each day.

In Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2:

Click one of the following links. A Subscribe link or button will appear near the top of the page. This will add our feed to your Favorites list.

In Firefox 1.5:

Click the orange Feed icon in the address bar and select the feed you would like to add from the drop-down list.

"My" Pages:

Many services like Yahoo, Google, and AOL allow you to add Feeds to your personalized page. Check with that site if you are unsure of how to use the URLs below to add the Feed.

Feed Reading Sites:

There should be a command like "Add a Feed" or "Subscribe to Content" where you can enter the URLs listed below. If you can't find it, consult with the help or customer service section of that website.

Feed Reading Software:

Several free software programs will aggregate feeds and compile them for you on your computer. In most cases there is a command like "Add a Feed" or "Subscribe to Content" where you can enter the URLs listed below.

Email and Mobile Phone:

You can get News 25 News and Weather sent to your In Box and/or Mobile Phone by signing up for our News 25 Notifier service.

If you add our feed to a public web site please let let us know.

Available feeds from WEEK:

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